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All 'Article' articles

  • Exploring Change

  • Everyone’s A Life Coach Today, But Few Help You Change. Here’s Why

    It’s common to hear people say they are a ‘life coach’ today, but too many life coaches are not effective in helping clients create lasting change and progress. Here’s why.

    Life Coaching

  • Exploring Change

  • How Modern Misguided Meditation Makes Anxiety Worse (& What To Do Instead)

    Meditation has gained widespread popularity as a potent tool to combat stress and anxiety, offering a sanctuary of tranquility amidst […]

    crop person meditating in padmasana

  • Super Minds

  • Why 100% Self-Optimisation is Impossible and What You Can Do Instead

    It may seem counterintuitive to suggest that seeking to optimise ourselves as much as possible actually leads to suboptimal results, but here’s why, and what self-optimisation really means.

    Throw Away The Mountain Top Living

  • Create  Envision

  • There’s Really Only 3 Ways To Create Impacting Change In The World

    Whilst we all want to feel as though our lives are individually meaningful, many people also today want to create impacting change in the world.

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  • Adapt  Create

  • The Pause Technique: A Powerfully Simple 3-Step Decision-Making Approach

    We have many ideas and thoughts. One day we may want one thing, the next realise we didn’t at all. The Pause Technique can help us clarify and decisively act on what matters.

    The Pause Technique

  • Adapt  Exploring Change

  • Why Collective ‘Flashmob’ Mentality Doesn’t Help Long-Term Change, Impact, Or Creativity

    While both collective and individual thinking can lead towards creative channels, we’ll see why the collective mindset thinking (like flashmobs) can often lead us away from creativity and positive change in ourselves in the long run.

    one black chess piece separated from red pawn chess pieces

  • Creative Minds

  • Why You Should Embrace Creative Branding In A Fast Changing World

    Is now the time for dynamic brands that shift to match audience changing needs? Here’s why you need to be creative and empathetic when considering your brand today.

    future thinking means problem solving