Seeing Things Differently To Create Better Change

The Envisionary helps thousands of individuals and teams actively adapt and 'get out the box' each day in order to create forward-thinking solutions the world needs. Bring out the visionary in you!

Through psychologically insightful articles & guides, a coaching hub, useful linked resources & tools, as well as actionable challenges & techniques, Richly helps us rethink conventional survival thinking to go beyond our comfort zone, maximise purposeful living, unlock our creative problem-solving potential, and envision forward-thinking sustainable solutions that our world needs.

The Benefits Of Being Able To Think Outside The Box?  

Challenge convention and fear barriers that keep your potential boxed up in a comfort zone.

Learn to deal with the modern challenges of our day, such as technology reliance, information overload, instant gratification etc. Join our '15 modern dilemmas of our time' challenge.

Craft a more flexible life (from more time and energy, to remote working and living). Enrich your curiosity to always learn and improve, as you embrace new challenges easier.

Develop your original thinking superpowers as you find you can adapt easier to fast-changing environments, and see/seize opportunities (that others can't see) for today and in the future.

Use your original thinking toolkit to problem-solve from a new direction to overcome challenges.

Give your life meaning as you can envision more needed solutions and be a part of shaping a better world for our future, rather than just accept what we have today.

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About Richly Wills

Richly Wills is a forward-thinking educational hub that helps thousands of people challenge themselves each day to think outside the box in order to become adaptable, creative, forward-thinking and problem-solving 'changemakers' who 'enrich' both their personal life and add valuable solutions to humanity.

Through Richly Wills, many individuals and teams have managed to ‘shake’ convention and biases whilst developing their AQ (adapt), ‘step’ outside their comfort zones to try new things and improve (lifehack), ‘see’ and think differently to challenge problems from a new direction (create), and help ‘shape’ a better world for today and the future (innovate).

So, Why Richly Wills? What's The Purpose Or Vision?

First of all, welcome to the site. I'm Richly, the founder, but Richly Wills isn't really about me. It holds an extended meaning beyond whatever I may think. It may have started as a personal rambling blog but it always had a vision beyond me. (that said, here's a bit about me ha).

Richly, The Person

I am not someone who fell into a conventional career path. I actively tried to ensure I didn't, long before it became popular to. It could've started as a slight rebel-without-a-cause, but it soon became a much deeper cause than I anticipated.

A lifetime of learning has accumulated around my two core interests, psychology and innovation, which paved the way toward a flexible, creative career as a freelance UI/UX designer, and then an innovation & brand consultant.

I've always seeked out new knowledge and wisdom rather than external achievement and I spent 10 years traveling and living abroad whilst broadening my mind trying to figure out just how and why we think and behave like we do, where humanity may well be leading to, and what we need to innovate or solve in order to bring that to fruition.

I'm a visualiser in life and like to think about what can be improved, whilst also being mindful to enjoy and create moments as life is short and we shouldn't spend it in fear or worry (I also seeked experiences that created an ethical difference - from tree planting to teaching, and other platforms that are on the way).

I've had my meditative journey but this isn't really the focus of Richly Wills, which has a more practical and active focus to change and growth (see below), and part of my personal active coaching encompasses a unique blend of human development values (including spiral dynamics) and creative problem-solving techniques to help people develop their potential and make an impact.

I write many of the articles on this website today (although have a growing number of collaborators too now), and have been known to be 'refreshingly provocative' in a sensitive world, not for clickbait but because growth really only comes when we break through biases and paradigms, and my main aim is to help people develop their minds as much as possible in their life so they can make a bigger impact as 'changemakers', which moves us onto Richly Wills, the site.

Richly Wills, The Site

Richly Wills is about actively unlocking our potential and 'free will' to improve, 'enrich', and make an impact with our life (and work) on humanity, through promoting the skills and tools to do so.

Richly Wills helps people go through the stages of developing their visionary potential to think outside the box, from realizing when we are stuck within it, to manifesting the problem solving skills that not only help us step outside it, but to make an impact from beyond it.

You could say that it's also about transforming our limited box of thinking into a vast toolkit (box) that we can use each day to envision solutions from.

Richly Wills is not just about getting us out of routine thinking though but ensuring we do something meaningful or productive with our newfound free will.

When we are caught within a box we can become confined in our thinking and chase things in life (like more money) thinking it will fulfill us, but when we develop a more enriched mind we can see a 'richer' purpose that motivates us beyond the material.

In other words, when we can think outside the box we can open up our potential to see things differently and overcome barriers that might have stalled our potential, and thus our life becomes more 'enriched' with all the new possiblities that we can now unlock, possibilities beyond our own individual needs.

Richly Wills helps us look ahead more, to envision the world that might be and solve problems that may arise. It becomes less about our individual will and more about our collective 'wills' in how we seek to add to humanity.

Finally, what is meant by impact?

Making an impact doesn't have to mean becoming the absolute expert in our field. We've been long conditioned to think that specialism is what constitutes success, and we aspire to follow people who do remarkable things, but impact can also be about the smaller changes we make in life, the building blocks, the little impacts each day (including techniques and challenges) that help us sew the seeds of change.

Think of it as building up skills (card blocks) that can be used to build many different directions out of the box.

If you consider Impact Theory (this one's really worth a watch) the theory behind successful people showing how to make a bigger impact with their lives, then Richly Wills is the active side that helps each of us personally make it realisitically and meaningfully happen each day.

Why We Need 'Adaptable Thinkers', 'Creative Problem Solvers', And 'Changemakers' More Than Ever Today?

Well, for three main reasons.

Firstly, so we get more out of our life each day.

People want to make their life count but often become stuck in set ways and patterns. We are so often told to find routines and develop repetitive habits. This can be useful for some parts of life (e.g. it makes sure you get out of bed and brush your teeth each day automatically which can help us preserve energy and keep healthy), but it can also lead towards autopilot thinking which slowly conditions the mind to just ‘do’ without conscious thought of ‘why’.

When we are stuck in this mould for long enough we see the consequences. People become overly safe in life, even miserable that their day has nothing to inspire them. We end up filling our lives with coping strategies instead; we consume more, passively watch more, compare status more, even meditate more (yes this modern obsession isn’t always so good for you), thinking this will bring us happiness and fill the void, but it often doesn't.

Instead we have to seek to think outside the box, ask many 'why' questions of ourselves and the world around us, change up our robotic repetition, and seek to adapt to challenges and situations (building our AQ and anti-fragility) rather than stick to what we know all the time.

The second reason is about our fast-changing environment.

The world is everchanging. It might seem as though our lives are often repetitive but the environment around us is changing faster than we can keep up. It might take one person a long time to make a significant change, but billions of people each doing their bit each day makes change happen around us very fast, and each of us individually may find it hard to keep up.

Richly Wills helps people adapt, lifehack, create and innovate each day so we can ready our minds for the changes happening around us now and in the future, and be a part of that change.

We might not think this concerns us, but when you consider how AI is progressing and many jobs around today will be replaced by others tomorrow, then it pays to be adaptable and creative problem solvers. Adaptable thinkers will be more likely to thrive through multi-disciplinary careers, remote working, and more sought after generalist problem solving skillsets rather than today's specialists.

The third reason goes beyond our individual needs, but to think of the need of humanity as a whole.

As changemakers and creative problem solvers we can come together to think bigger and tackle humanities biggest modern dilemmas and challenges, whether it be climate change, social media's influence (the attention/validation effect), the overload of information/choice, or our growing technology reliance etc.

It doesn't have to just be wicked problems either, as thinking outside the box might see us develop ideas and improved iterations to many things around us (that we wouldn't see if we just took it for granted).

Whilst we may think of changemaking as modern activism, joining protests, and having our say, Richly Wills isn't a movement. The aim isn't to have a load of people meet up and demand change. It's about 'making' a change, both consciously in ourselves and in coming up with solutions together as we adapt to the needs of humanity, not just now, but for the future too.

The Benefits Of Richly: Developing Adaptable And Creative Thinking

When considering the benefit of using Richly, we're really talking about the benefits of being more adaptable and creative in life for both now and the future. There's plenty of benefits of using Richly to both understand and develop your adaptability and creativity:

Overcome convention and fear barriers that keep your potential boxed up

Adapt easier to fast-changing environments (so don't get left behind)Being adaptable is also important (and comes hand-in-hand with creativity) as it allows people to embrace different challenges of problem solving easier, as well as lends itself to being relevant for the future ways or interacting and working.

Have more fun in life as you embrace new challenges easier

Craft a more flexible life (more time and energy, remote working and living). You will be be less likely to feel the need to obtain more, and more likely to be content in life with that which is valuable rather than meaningless.

Creatively problem solve better and see/seize opportunities (that others can't see)

See ahead easier to innovate and shape a better world for our future (add valuable solutions to humanities greatest modern challenges)

Enrich your curiosity to always learn, try and improve (to get more from life)

Have a rich creative thinking toolkit you can use in life and work

Relieve stress and feed your creative expression. Bring joy to your day as you develop a greater sense of freedom and confidence in being able to think without restrictions (or better when under contraints)

Understand the psychology behind your mind so you can be more mindful of what it's doing

Be visionary leaders who can not just adapt to challenges but seek better solutions easier, in work but also in your daily life too!

When To Use Richly Wills? Who Is Richly For?

Richly is a hub for a daily purpose. It's like when you go to Headspace or Calm to relax your mind, you come to Richly when you want to actively challenge your mind away from routines in order to make more of your day or to develop your adaptable and creative thinking potential.

Richly is where we see the possibilities of change, where we can resourcefully find ways to maximize our time, energy and space (flexibility) so we can put it to best use, where we learn to think outside the box as creative problem solvers, and where we highlight and inspire changemakers trying to make a positive impact on humanity.

In that sense, anyone can find value somewhere in using Richly, but it's particularly useful for people who are either boxed in to static, routine thinking and are seeking to change that, or people wanting to make a difference to humanity.

It can be used by individuals or businesses alike, where articles and programs promote problem-solving capabilities in looking at things with a different frame of mind.

About Richly Programs & Challenges

Richly Wills is a hub of different resources surrounding becomming more adaptable and creative. There's articles around related topics, sometimes innspiring, sometimes provoking change, sometimes both. There's also techniques and challenges added to either articles or bigger separate challenges (within the Actionables area).

Within Actionables you'll also find Richly's training program (with 4 segments around a progressive process from learning how to adapt (Time To Adapt), getting more from life (More To Life), building creativity (The Creative Eye), and learning how to innovate (The Future Us). If you follow the program/s through you'll find, as well as exclusive articles and links, you have actionable steps to follow in each and can use the program/s as useful reference points to go back to when you are feeling uninspired and back in set routines and habits (don't worry, it happens to us all).

Richly Wills isn't just a training hub for helping people be more adaptable and creative, but it's aim is to lead people to become 'changemakers' who use their adaptable, creative and innovative mindset to seek ways to add to humanity. Richly aims to bring changemakers together and has a resource list of other changemakers who are making a difference in humanity (feel free to add more if you know of others who should fit the list).

In time Richly aims to be a hub for many inspiring changemakers to also add their own challenges and courses, plus sometimes showcases useful ebooks and external tools being worked on within Richly Ventures.

Finally, Richly UXD is a sub-site of Richly Wills, which helps individuals and teams with design thinking and innovation related projects, where ethical future-minded solutions of products and services are sought.

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