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  • Coaching is the perfect envisioning tool as by its nature it is a forward-thinking approach to change and progression, helping people actively overcome barriers, obtain knowledge, think differently, and unlock their potential.

    TLDR: jump right into the coaching finder quiz, browse the niches manually that follow, or go to the ultimate guide to coaching article instead.

    At The Envisionary, forward-thinking coaching is our niche, where coaching aims to help us look forward, anticipate change, and work out how to advance our own vision and direction, but how do you know what kind of forward-thinking coaching is right for you? And if another type of coaching is what you actually need (after all coaching by it’s nature helps us look towards change in all sorts of different areas).

    The Forward-Thinking Coaching Finder

    Considering modern-day coaching is leading us all towards more and more personalised coaching niches and needs, our coaching finder is specifically designed to help you figure out and narrow down what coaching niche is right for your current (and future) needs, and whether or not specific forward-thinking ‘envisionary’ type-coaching is for you!

    So, let’s start. It only takes a minute!


    Find The Right Coaching For You!

    Answer 8 questions to work out which of the 8 main types of coaching you could benefit from the most. You will be taken to your recommended coaching type after.

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    Which TWO things would you be happiest to achieve?

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    You are MOST worried when...

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    How many of these apply to you? (be brutely honest)

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    What would benefit you the MOST today?

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    Which of these book titles would help you the MOST?

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    Which value would you work on this year the MOST?

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    If ONE spontaneous act would help you the most this week what would it be?

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    If you could live as another animal which ONE would it be? (think about their traits)


    Creative coaching helps people unlock their creativity and/or use it to think ahead. In this context it’s about our vision to change through imagination and innovation, rather than being just about artistic talent. 

    The Envisionary is primarily about this creative and visionary form of coaching, and you can learn more about our vision for this new forward-thinking coaching here.


    A creative coach (or envisionary coach) helps you find that spark of creativity to change, be it the vision to see the bigger picture, the will to try new challenges, or the impact of being more innovative in life & work.

    A creative coach provides tools and techniques to help you overcome creative blocks, develop creative talents or conceptual solutions, explore entrepreneurial endeavours or more creative professions, and/or embrace changes in life & work easier.

    Creative Coaching


    The days of sensible, secure, routine jobs for life have gone (or are going by the day), and many jobs of that kind are increasingly likely to be replicated or carried out by AI robots following more efficient methods and productivity than humans can, so now (more than ever) our ability to be adaptable and creative, to embrace change, to emotionally connect and empathise, and to reinvent ourselves through life becomes more important. 

    Yet, up until recently creativity has often been reserved for paintbrush hobbies so many of us don’t know how to bring it out of us each day, or how to use it to benefit our life and career in bigger ways, both for today and tomorrow.

    Enter the creative, (en)visionary coach.


    Creative, conceptual coaching leads into various creative and forward-thinking niches, each with different adaptable qualities you may benefit from. To get the best out of a creative coach you should therefore find the best personal fit for you. Take the specific ‘envisionary coach quiz’ below to help you find your niche, or browse through the niche profiles manually below:


    Find The Creative Coaching Niche For You

    Answer 8 questions to help you find your ideal creative coaching niche.

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    If you could make one change today it would be to make a change in...

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    Which TWO things would you be happiest to achieve?

    Creative Coach

    A creativity coach focuses on building your creative 

    Creativity Coaching is right for you if…

    • you are getting to an age where you want to ensure your life leaves a legacy behind
    • you are worried about not having a legacy to pass on
    • you want to figure out what your legacy could be
    • you are thinking ahead of what you really want to help impact humanity in your own way
    • you want to build or create something that others can benefit from

    Futurist Coach

    A futurist coach focuses on building your creative 

    Futurist Coaching is right for you if…

    • you are getting to an age where you want to ensure your life leaves a legacy behind
    • you are worried about not having a legacy to pass on
    • you want to figure out what your legacy could be
    • you are thinking ahead of what you really want to help impact humanity in your own way
    • you want to build or create something that others can benefit from

    The Envisionary is primarily about this creative and visionary form of coaching, but as change is found in many forms, it also leads people into other types of coaching that may also benefit their progression:


    Life coaching essentially helps people tackle all areas of life, from work to wealth to health, but a life coach mainly focuses on the different milestones of someone’s life and the different challenges that tend to arise within these different periods or ages in life. 


    A life coach is the broadest type of coach, helping you work on all aspects of your life, in professional and personal development, as well as life transition phases and milestones.

    A good life coach helps their client become aware of new perspectives on their life and unlock potential new ways of looking at and doing things, making people happier and more productive in their life, and guiding you towards a desired goal.

    'You Got This' - Life Coaching

    A life coach will help you do the things you doubt in yourself


    Most people can benefit from a life coach today as most of us want to improve in life, and an increasing number want to also make a difference with their lives. 

    Life coaching can help you if you are looking to better understand and cope with different aspects and stages within your life, as well as help lead you towards finding and achieving the goals that matter most to you. 


    There are numerous types of life coaching niches each of which can bring about different qualities for different stages and ages of your life. Browse through the niche profiles below:

    Life Coach

    A general life coach is an all-rounder in helping you in many aspects of your life no matter your age or stage in life.

    Life Coaching is right for you if…

    • you are getting to an age where you want to ensure your life leaves a legacy behind
    • you are worried about not having a legacy to pass on
    • you want to figure out what your legacy could be
    • you are thinking ahead of what you really want to help impact humanity in your own way
    • you want to build or create something that others can benefit from

    Motivation Coach

    A motivation coach aims to motivate clients to keep going and not give up, but will also help clients direct their energy into the right places to be motivated. It differs to happiness coaching as you won’t always be happy when you need to be motivated, as often we need motivation to do something we don’t want to do (or know how to do). 

    Motivation Coaching is for you if…

    • you lack self-discipline and can’t get yourself to do something you need to
    • you don’t know where to start and need someone to help guide you in the right direction, or to take the first step
    • you find you lose motivation for something once the ‘fun’ stops and need help to persevere and finish
    • you feel overwhelmed with too many things to manage and need motivation to remind you of why you are doing it
    • you need help to identify what’s stopping you and need someone to work with you to overcome any obstacles.
    • you need a new perspective on something or need help finding inspiration or resources

    Goals/Resolution Coach

    A goals coach (or resolutions coach) concentrates on helping clients set and achieve goals. A resolutions coach helps clients work on meaningful and realistic goals. 

    Children’s Coach

    A children’s coach teaches children to develop confidence, determination, and emotional strength.


    Work coaching is coaching that is related to the work side of our lives, from business-related coaching to job roles and/or career progression. For this type of coaching let’s define the difference between careers coaching and business coaching.


    A careers coach focuses on a client’s personal career goals. Whilst a business coach can help you in obtaining business-related goals, a careers coach is more concerned about ensuring you are finding the right fit for you.

    We spend over 80,000 hours of our life working so it pays to do something we both enjoy and are good at. Finding this purpose-driven career can lead people to create so much more impact with their working lives. 

    Careers Coaching

    A careers coach will help you work out your most effective and purposeful career path, and can help you no matter what stage you are in your career


    Maybe you are bored with your current line of work and want a career change, or maybe you want something more purposeful or rewarding, whilst exploring other talents. Or maybe you want to work out how to make a livable income from doing something else other than a generic job that might not fit your skillset.

    You may also need help in preparing for jobs or seeing other potential ways of building up a flexible portfolio career. A career coach can help.


    A professional business coach helps business owners and entrepreneurs succeed through supporting and motivating them, giving recommendations to a company’s/startup’s vision and goals, and helping business owners prioritize strategies around these goals to help their business grow better and faster. 

    A good business coach helps to identify and implement business growth opportunities, seeing into the future needs of an industry. 

    Business Coaching

    A business/executive coach will help you craft your business vision and strategy, and can help you see that running a business is a lot more than just looking the part


    Starting or running a business is no easy task, as there’s so much to keep your eye on. A business coach is like a second pair of eyes helping you move in the right direction. 

    Furthermore, a business (or entrepreneur) coach will help you see things from the outside-in, and can help you make a positive impact with a future-led business strategy, as well as keep your eye on the daily details of running an efficient business. 


    There are numerous types of work-related coaching niches each which can help you get the best out of a career or develop your business or team, depending on your needs (select each niche coaching type below to learn more about each one):

    Business Coach

    A business coach was the original type of coaching. It’s where a coach helps their client define business goals and strategies, and works with them to develop personally and professionally so they can see more efficient and effective ways to improve their business. A business coach aims to provide support to clients along their business journey whether it be helping a client work over a mental block, or aspects like productivity, time-management, resourcefulness, performance, communication, teamwork, delegation, or developing leadership skills.

    A business coach is usually a ‘been-there-done-that’ coach who knows the ins and outs of running or managing a business and who wants to pass on that knowledge to less experienced business owners. 

    Business Coaching is for you if…

    • you are new to business and aren’t sure where best to start
    • you need a coach who will save you time and potential money by helping you focus on the fundamentals that have the best earning potential
    • you need to draw on an experts experience within a similar field to yours (mentoring can also help here)
    • you need help crafting a business vision and strategy
    • you need help balancing your personal life issues and your business issues
    • you need business-specific advice (and goals) towards topics such as law, contracts, structure, accounts, hiring, marketing etc. 

    Executive Coach

    An executive coach (also elite coach) helps professionals develop and excel professionally through helping clients in higher positions (or seeking higher positions) deal with unique situations only executive roles bring about. An executive coach helps clients improve their skill sets and untap their executive potential and leadership resources within them.

    An executive business coach is a high-established business coach and  executive coach who has the skills and experience to help take executive minds into further business problems, and helps both individuals and organisations solve problems, make changes, develop people and manage performance better.

    Executive Coaching is for you if…

    • you are in an executive position or seek to be, or you have an elite status
    • you need a coach to guide and challenge you to reach your full professional potential
    • you are wanting to improve your skill sets for particular job expertise
    • you are responsible for other individuals or teams in work and need a coach to help you bring the best out of them

    Leadership Coach

    A leadership coach is more niched in helping clients build their leadership abilities, from your strengths to your weaknesses, and in doing so will help you find the right leadership style to bring your best leadership qualities out. A leadership coach will start by helping you find your ability to lead and then guide you to taking the reins and bringing that coaching into reality with your own team or business, or life in general. 

    Leadership Coaching is for you if…

    • you are in a position of leadership already and want to improve your skills
    • you aren’t sure how to delegate or bring the most out of your team effectively
    • you are stuck in a passive or employee role where you don’t have any leadership responsibilities but want to change that
    • you don’t think you could be a good leader
    • you need a coach to help you define and practice good leadership skills 


    Skills coaching is the area of coaching that applies to developing specific skills or talent within an area of knowledge, such as in language coaching or writing coaching. 


    Coaches don’t just align to life or business-related areas, they can be specific to all sorts of crafts and skills, and a skills coach will help their client unlock and target their skills, build their ability, set them apart from competition in that area, and help them overcome obstacles that may arise as they develop their skills. 

    A skills coach will employ specific tools and techniques to help their clients improve in their chosen skillset. 

    Skills Coaching

    A skills coach is an expert in a particular area of knowledge or craft and can take many forms, such as being a pottery expert or a poker coach


    We all have skills and talents, some of which we might not have uncovered yet, and a skills coach helps you develop them. 

    Life is busy and complex and we may not find we can motivate ourselves to develop skills or knowledge further, so a skills coach can help us, whether it is in building language, coding, writing, drawing, marketing/PR skills, or even specific niche coaching skills such as in poker coaching. 


    Skills coaching comes in many forms. Everything we do in life requires building skills, and each of us will benefit in different ways from seeking different skills coaching (select to open):

    Skills Coach

    A skills coach will help you unearth or unlock your skills and talents, or help you improve at what you already know. Life is really about developing and learning and when we have more strings (or skills) to our bow we find life not only becomes easier but it becomes more enjoyable. A skills coach will help you balance and develop skills that fit into your personality or goals in life.

    Each skills coach may have a specific discipline they are an expert in as seen in this niche skill coaching section. 

    Skills Coaching is right for you if…

    • you want to develop skills and talents you may not even know you have yet
    • you want to improve in a skillset that will help your work or personal life
    • you want to challenge yourself to consistently improve
    • you aim to expand your comfort zone and become balanced and in control of life through having more strings to your bow
    • you need specific tools, techniques or motivation to help you towards becoming better at a specific skill discipline

    Niche Skills Coach (e.g. Poker Coach, Art Coach…)

    Each skills coach may have a specific discipline they are an expert in as seen in this niche skill coaching section. Here’s an example:

    A poker coach helps clients improve their chances at becoming profitable poker players, whether through online poker or face-to-face. There’s a lot more than just understanding the game or types of play, as poker is really a game of psychology, focus, calculation, and self-discipline. A poker coach will help their clients deal with the psychological blocks that might be affecting their decision making or their read on opponents. 

    Poker Coaching is for you if…

    • you are interested in playing poker as a hobby or a profession and want to become a profitable player
    • you need help understanding the psychological side of poker including dealing with ’tilt’, or reading a changing situation on a table quickly
    • you need bankroll management discipline to ensure you aren’t overstretching beyond your financial limits
    • you need a coach who will walk through and help you analyse your plays 
    • you want to learn the many different types of plays, styles, blind levels and game strategies

    Language Coach

    A language coach helps clients learn target languages whether it be for school study, business, or for travel or personal life. There’s many different types of language instructors out there who help students learn a languages grammar through rote learning, but a language coach will help their clients go beyond just learning the set language translations, and instead help them build their fluency and natural voice in a new language so their clients can speak fluidly. A language coach teaches the nuances of effective and natural communication and expressions through immersive lessons. 

    Language Coaching is for you if…

    • you are interested in learning a language naturally and in immersed situations
    • you need to learn a language more effectively for work or personal reasons
    • you prefer to learn through practical study and language application to use while speaking or listening
    • you find learning through rote memory methods or through textbook prepared dialogues, sentences, or isolated words not in context aren’t helping language ‘stick’

    Travel Coach

    A travel coach helps people get more out of their travel journey, from helping novice travelers learn the basics of survival on the road (whether solo traveling or traveling with a partner or in groups) such as knowing where to stay and how to get around, to the complexities of long term travel and living abroad.

    A travel coach will help you prepare easier for many situations you may not have prepared for and helps you deal with something unpredictable when in a foreign environment and way out of your comfort zone.

    A travel coach also acts as an experienced travel guide helping travelers learn how to be resourceful on the road, find unique experiences, minimise potential dangers, give insider tips and deals, as well as show how to earn a living and thrive abroad through living a more nomadic, flexible location-independent life.  

    Travel Coaching is for you if…

    • you are traveling soon and are anxious about what to expect or how to travel (rather than be a tourist in a package holiday)
    • you need expert help on a destination or on location specifics such as visas or currency etc.
    • you are planning on traveling for a long time and want to know how to fund, and even thrive, when traveling
    • you want access towards a coach who will keep you safe and prepared for situations you’ve never been in before
    • you want to ensure you get the best out of your travel experience and don’t waste so much time and energy in search of hotels or in fear of what might be around the corner
    • you want a coach who will help you gradually step outside your comfort zone so you grow as a person 
    • you want to find more purposeful travel beyond just seeing sites

    Writing Coach

    A writing coach is an expert in helping you become a better writer and in ensuring you finish the book you are intending to write. As well as being a guide in writing areas such as dialogue, character development, suspense/pacing, plotting and so on, a writing coach will keep you accountable and help you understand how to draft, edit, compile and publish your book. 

    A writing coach doesn’t have to be about writing a novel but can help you write in different areas, with writing coaches niching further into blogging coaches, grant or proposal writing coaches, will writing coaches etc. 

    Writing Coaching is for you if…

    • you have an idea for a book but find yourself leaving it to tomorrow everyday
    • you aren’t sure how to compile such a huge project like completing a book
    • you want to improve your writing
    • you think a coach will help you snowball ideas
    • you need help publishing and marketing your book 
    • you need help writing a will, grant letter, or in improving your blog writing
    • you are writing a blog and need help understanding how to write for users but also for SEO practices so people find your work


    Healthy Living coaching is somewhat similar to life coaching in that it concerns the balance of our life, but it goes more into specific areas of health and fitness, as well as mind and soul, which can help bring out our best self each day.


    A health coach is concerned with helping you get the most out of your life by ensuring you are in optimal mental & physical shape, even with other challenges and responsibilities around you. 

    A health coach aims to help their clients make both short-term and long-term positive health and lifestyle changes towards living a more active and healthy life. They offer advice, motivation, set goals to work towards, and give feedback.

    Healthy Coaching Food

    A health coach may ensure you are eating more nutritious foods, by helping you cut out bad habits and replace them with healthier ones to align with your specific mind and body needs


    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that benefits each of us in so many positive ways, yet it’s not always something we find ourselves doing. we can easily get lost in the grind and see our health suffer through bad habits, fears, and general busyness. 

    A health coach will help you see and create much healthier routines, challenge you to improve, help you value yourself more each day, and keep you going when you feel like giving up, so you benefit from more time, energy, and positivity in life. 


    There are numerous types of health coaching niches, and with more people now aware of the importance of health in their lives finding the right kind of health coach can benefit you immensely today (select to open):

    Health Coach (Wellbeing Coach, Holistic Health Coach)

    A general health & wellbeing coach will help you in all aspects of your active physical and positive mental needs. This could be from your fitness goals, to your nutrition needs, to your mental outlook or focus. There’s many subsets of a health coach as we will see below. 

    A holistic health coach (and natural health coach) guides people through an integrative approach towards a healthier all-round habits and lifestyle. They breed positivity through installing healthy eating habits, daily rituals and gratitude, as well as alignment towards the cycles of nature (to bring out our energy and the peak times it’s available to us). 

    Health & Wellbeing Coaching is for you if…

    • you find your general health could be better and you need motivation in improving it
    • you have particular dietary requirements or recent injuries that might make building up your health harder
    • you can’t find consistent routines for daily health needs such as sleep, eating times, or exercise
    • you want to push your health or fitness to a new level and need a coach to help you
    • you want to learn more about nutrition or wellbeing hacks which you can apply to your busy daily life

    Holistic Health Coaching is for you if…

    • you need a coach who will guide you into more positive and healthy daily rituals
    • you need to pinpoint what is negatively affecting your health and develop a plan to correct or change it
    • you want to feel empowered to create real lasting changes in diet, activity or environment
    • you need help aligning health with other issues such as time management, anxiety, and stress
    • you want to understand how to bring out your best energy through understanding spirituality and natural forces

    Spiritual Health (Spirituality Coach, Somatic Coach)

    A spirituality coach helps people look deeper in themselves for meaning and purpose in life. A spiritual coach runs in many forms such as a meditation coach, mindfulness coach, Zen coach, Reiki coach, mystic coach, manifestation coach, soul coach etc. Each take on spirituality in a different way but the general aim of a spirituality coach is to aid clients to challenge their mindset and biases, release prior expectations, and to live more in the present moment, and it can be transformative in helping people overcome challenges to find inner peace and balance.

    A somatic coach helps clients gain ‘somatic’ awareness, which is being able to live as a whole person, through bodywork and mindfulness. Rather than thinking we are what we think (our intellect or capabilities), a somatic coach helps people connect mind, body and spirit, to get in touch with their physical experiences and to heal and grow from the inside out. 

    Spirituality Coaching is for you if…

    • you seek inner-peace and calm in a noisy and distracting world
    • you live externally and need help in being more mindful about your choices and present feelings
    • you want to find more purpose in life, and learn to let your mind go deeper into visualising and meditation
    • you are always stressed in your day and need a coach who can teach you daily practices to help relieve that stress easier
    • you want to learn how to manifest more positive energy into your life and be empowered to believe in yourself to achieve what you can in life
    • you find yourself drifting into past fears and need to be more mindful about the present choices and opportunities around you

    Somatic Coaching is for you if…

    • you want to connect your mind, body and spiritual soul to a deeper understanding of your being
    • you seek yoga poses, body movements, and breathing exercises to help you relax or think deeper
    • you want to learn about the somatic principle to living, where we are essentially whole interactive beings who live through forces and vibrations and have been shaped over time to the being we are today. 

    Healthy Nourishment (Nutritional Coach, Diet Coach, Healthy Weight Coach)

    We are what we eat and so these coaches can help you nourish your body and mind.

    A nutritional coach helps people make healthy lifestyle choices within nutrition and fitness. They will help you make the right nutritional choices for you and help you incorporate exercise and good nutrition into your daily routine, setting up a plan so you can gradually eliminate foods which are not good towards your health, and so you can operate at optimal functioning.

    A diet coach focuses on helping clients build the right diet for their needs, which can range from a Paleo diet coach, to a vegan coach, to a raw food coach, to an organic or natural foods coach. Similar to a nutritional coach, a diet coach will aim to understand your dietary needs and set up a plan so you can gradually eliminate foods which are not good towards your health, so you can operate at optimal functioning. The difference from a nutritional coach is a diet coach focuses more on helping you develop a specific diet plan for your needs, and they can be experts in specific diets like raw foods or veganism. 

    A healthy weight coach (or weight loss/gain coach) is an expert in helping clients seeking to lose weight and coaching people through their weight loss journey and challenges. A healthy weight coach can also help people gain weight, with the main goal of ensuring an optimal healthy weight for each client. They will provide powerful tools, motivation, encouragement, and support to ensure you reach your goals. 

    Nutritional Coaching is for you if…

    • you are not on top of your nutritional health and often snack on unhealthy foods
    • you need help to maintain a manageable daily healthy diet and exercise routine, or follow sustainable long-term goals
    • you have deeper health issues as a result of a poor diet
    • you want to learn how healthy foods and nutrition can help you achieve much more in your daily life
    • you need help to change your routine food behavioural habits, and to look at food differently

    Diet Coaching is for you if…

    • you are overweight (or underweight) and need a coach to motivate you to lose (gain) pounds, and maintain it after
    • you are unhealthy, snack a lot, or have deeper health issues as a result of a poor diet
    • you have a specific diet you want to incorporate into your healthier lifestyle, such as becoming a vegan or following the Paleo diet
    • you need help to change your routine food behavioural habits, and to look at food differently, educating yourself in how to live healthier
    • you need help setting up and following a home diet program, such as specific diet recipes, detoxifying programs, or cleansing fasts

    Healthy Weight (Loss/Gain) Coaching is for you if…

    • you are not in a healthy weight BMI or have had sudden weight change that you can’t control
    • you need motivation to change your eating or lifestyle habits that are directly affecting your weight
    • you need to follow a weight loss or weight gain plan in order to lose or gain weight over time, and reach a sustainable weight target
    • you need help in organising your day around eating and exercising towards your weight goals
    • you can’t resist temptations or instant gratification

    Fitness (Fitness Coach, Sports Coach, Conditioning Coach)

    A fitness coach (or personal trainer) helps you achieve your fitness goals. This could be losing weight, gaining strength, being more toned, training for a marathon etc. A fitness coach will know what program is right for you and will help you along your journey to improving your all-round fitness. 

    A sports coach helps clients improve their performance. whilst this is mostly reserved for athletes it can also be a great benefit for most people, as a sports coach knows what it takes to be focused and to get into optimal shape, as well as know what methods and programs to follow for specific sports disciplines.

    A strength and conditioning coach monitors, trains and analyses the physical conditioning athletes and individuals. They set out personalised training programs to help athletes find and keep optimal shape, especially before, during and after big events.  Conditioning coaches help their clients improve through strength, flexibility, and endurance training.  

    Fitness Coaching is for you if…

    • you are slacking in your fitness goals, or don’t have any fitness goals
    • you are training for a fitness goal like a marathon and need a coach to keep you motivated and push you on
    • you live a sedentary lifestyle or need to find more time for exercise each day
    • you have trouble balancing nutritional and fitness and need help finding the optimal energy
    • you simply want to improve your fitness levels

    Sports Coaching is for you if…

    • you need a coach to motivate and push you on to the next level in your chosen sports profession
    • you want to improve your sports conditioning and performance in yourself
    • you want to develop a competitive drive within yourself or get the edge over competition
    • you want to learn a new sport and feel a coach will accelerate your learning and unlock your ability
    • you need a personalised exercise plan or method set out specifically for you 

    Conditioning Coaching is for you if…

    • you are an athlete needing to prepare to optimal condition for an upcoming event or challenge
    • you want to improve your all-round strength, cardio, flexibility, and endurance
    • you need a coach to set you a personalised program to improve in your chosen sport

    Recovery (Recovery Coach, Sleep Coach)

    A recovery coach helps clients recover from mental or physical difficulties. There’s various types of recovery coaches specialising in different aspects such as health recovery coaching, which helps individuals achieve greater well-being following illness, injury or trauma, or more specific sports injury recovery, which is part of conditioning coaching. Recovery coaching can also leads into the likes of addictions recovery, which helps people overcome addictions. 

    A sleep coach is an expert in helping you understand why sleep is so important and how to maximise the benefits of sleep into your waking life. They can also help in assessing and fixing sleep problems you may have that is affecting your overall health. 

    Recovery Coaching is for you if…

    • you have fallen off the bandwagon and need help getting back on track by an expert who understands your struggle
    • you have suffered from an injury, illness or trauma, and need a coach to help you recover
    • you need a coach who will motivate, praise progress and setbacks
    • need a coach that will set up a recovery or rehabilitation program at the pace right for you

    Sleep Coaching is for you if…

    • you need to improve your sleep habits and have a coach to monitor and motivate more consistent sleep
    • you want a healthier, deeper sleep 
    • you have sleep problems like snoring or sleep apnea that are affecting your (or your partners) sleep quality
    • you want to optimise your sleep or go deeper in understanding aspects like lucid dreaming so you can improve your mind


    Mental Health coaching is the area of coaching that focuses on helping people develop and maintain a healthy mind through overcoming difficulties that may arise in life. 


    Mental health coaching is relatively new in the coaching industry but it’s arguably the most important form of coaching in that it helps people live much happier and more fulfilling lives.

    A mental health coach can help you overcome doubts, fears, and biases, and also helps you challenge your comfort zone, through using cognitive psychology and tools to help you understand and gradually overcome challenges towards your wellbeing goal. 

    Mental Health Coaching Matters

    Mental health coaching matters today as people are more self-aware than ever before. A mental health coach can help people overcome dilemmas like social media addiction


    Sometimes counseling is needed before moving on to coaching, as counseling helps people look back (or go deeper) to uncover and express emotional difficulties and traumas, while a coach is practiced in helping people then move forwards towards goals.

    A mental health coach is good for you if need help overcoming fears, stresses, or challenges, but are also ready to take action and build resilience towards a better life. Yet, we may also benefit from a coach for social and cognitive issues that might be less obvious such as technology and social media addiction.


    Mental health coaching can be broken down into different niches. Find the best niche and personal fit for your needs (select each niche coaching type below to learn more about each one)

    Esteem (Self-Confidence Coach, Happiness Coach, Abundance Coach)

    The root of good mental health comes from building self-esteem, which is where these coaches come in.

    A self-confidence coach (or self-esteem coach) helps clients with low self-confidence or self-esteem, and helps them build up their inner strength through confidence building coaching methods. This coach may help a client realise their goals or purpose locked within, help provide direction, and helps them get out of an unhappy rut in life. We often get stuck in comfort barriers that keep us trapped where we are and a self-esteem coach will help clients firstly believe they are worthy of their own self love (although counseling would be more beneficial first) and help them take action towards building the person they want to be. A self-confidence coach will also help people learn to take good care in themselves and motivate them to wake up each day and believe they can make their life better that day.

    A happiness coach brings out the joy of living in clients in all sorts of areas. In today’s world people can feel busier than ever and a happiness coach can help them zone out for a bit and re-engage with their child-within, helping clients release stress and find more joy in life. It’s not all about feeling happy all the time though, but about helping clients uncover what might be stopping them from feeling happy too. 

    An abundance coach (or belief coach) is an expert in helping you manifest and attract what you want into your life. It’s not magic, there’s a lot of work that goes into developing the mindset that can attract positivity and opportunity, but an abundance coach will help you in doing so. This works the same as the law of attraction, in that if you train your mind to believe you can do something then it dramatically improves the chances that you can. An abundance coach works on the principle that there’s always more potential you can develop, rather than a scarcity mindset that resists change and opportunity.

    Self-Confidence Coaching is for you if…

    • you need help in building your self-confidence or self-esteem
    • you don’t think you are good enough or fear what others think of you
    • you need help working out what is holding you back from going after what you want in life
    • you often judge yourself against others rather than build up your own journey
    • you need help in self-care and in waking up each day to treat yourself and love yourself like every human being deserves
    • you need relaxation, stress-busting techniques, and methods that will help you organise your time and energy better, to feel better emotionally each day
    • you need help in crafting a dream or goal to follow, and need someone to keep you motivated to keep going after it and believing in you

    Happiness Coaching is for you if…

    • you are unhappy much more than you are happy
    • you live a busy or stressful life and need help inn releasing that stress in an engaging way
    • you need a guide who will help you feel much better about yourself and your direction in life
    • you need help in unlocking what might be blocking your long term happiness, and what area to work on
    • you want happy challenges, activities, and lifehacks that will help you get more joy out of each day no matter how busy you are
    • you want insight into why our mind stops us from being too happy all the time, and how to truly be happier in the long run
    • you need help in practicing kindness towards yourself and towards others

    Abundance Coaching is for you if…

    • you lack belief in yourself and don’t feel that you can make anything happen in life
    • you think there’s only a fixed way of looking at something, or are afraid of change
    • you want to take positivity and turn it into productivity
    • you want to attract more possibility, flexibility, or opportunity into your life through building the scope for it to manifest
    • you want to learn how to build up attraction in different areas such as relationships or wealth
    • you want to overcome biases and create breakthroughs

    Mental Strength (Mindset Coach, Resilience Coach, Anti-Fragility Coach)

    Part of mental health coaching is to help clients develop stronger mindsets, with a few variations of coaching like so:

    A mindset coach (or mind adjustment coach) helps clients adjust their mindset from heavily rooted biases towards a fresh look beyond previous limitations, which then helps clients lift the cloud and feel freer to becoming their best self and finding their full potential. They will help you change your core beliefs that could be blocking your growth towards creativity, success, and happiness. 

    Mindset coaching can be essential towards breaking free from conditioning that can stop our value-based human and evolutionary development (such as outlined in Spiral Dynamics) 

    A resilience coach takes stress management a step further. A resilience coach helps clients recover and adjust better to stressful challenges. It’s not only about finding a way to reduce stress but about staying the same or resisting shock after a forced change. e.g. during the pandemic, a long-term illness, or a serious conflict.

    Contrary to popular belief resilience is not about improving or thriving under stress (this is anti-fragility) but about being able to cope with it and build resilience to it so that if it happened again you’d be stronger in dealing with it. A resilience coach will help clients develop a stronger mindset and self-motivation to not give up under stress, but to learn to cope and adapt to it, so that people can bounce back after something stressful.

    Often, a resilience coach will focus on building proactive and comfort-led strategies to help deal with stress such as building in meditation and exercise into your daily coping ritual. The idea is that with a clearer mind someone will be able to make clearer decisions and deal with stress easier. 

    Anti-fragility is effectively the third level of stress management. It goes beyond resilience and robustness and leads towards being able to USE stressors as a source of prospering and development.

    Anti-fragility assumes you already have enough resilience and an anti-fragility coach helps you take a harder edge towards building mental strength. Whilst many coaches today focus on the positive and comfort-led anti-stress methods, anti-fragility coaches builds up strength through ‘improving’ in the face of stress. Life isn’t always easy and it can be our ability to not just be resilient to stress but to improve when under pressure that can separate those who overcome fears and limitations and those who don’t.

    Anti-fragility takes the holistic approach to growth in that we learn to accept whatever life throws at us and to be able to grow from our failures or unpredictable challenges. The uncertainty activates our ability to dig deeper. Whilst many people stay within certain comfort zones and familiar environments in life and may still call themselves resilient within that environment, anti-fragility (and the resulting adaptability) comes from being able to walk outside our bubble and be strong enough to not only survive but thrive wherever we are. 

    Mindset Change Coaching is for you if…

    • you are stuck in routine habits and don’t know how to change them
    • you are stuck in bias opinions and can’t see how someone else thinks differently
    • you find your career is going backwards because you are being outdated or left behind
    • you have lost your creative spark to think of new ideas
    • you want to learn how to unlock your full potential and take your mind to a new level of consciousness
    • you need help in develop a new though-process and steps towards making a change in your mindset

    Resilience Coaching is for you if…

    • you have suffered a setback in life or business and need to build resilience to recover from it
    • you need to build resilience in yourself again and trust in others
    • you need a coach who will help you develop strategies to persevere through hard times
    • you want to be more comfortable when out of your comfort zone
    • you want to be able to focus longer and keep going even when feeling tired
    • you want to develop a stronger mindset and be able to rely more on self-motivation to not give up under stress, rather than react on what happens to you externally

    Anti-Fragility Coaching is for you if…

    • you want to be able to grow towards your potential 
    • you find yourself seeking comfort to deal with stress, only to see stress return rather than truly be dealt with
    • you want to learn how to make calculated risks rather than play safe in routine and convention
    • you need help in building delayed gratification over instant gratification
    • you resist change too much and wonder why things don’t improve
    • you need a coach who can help you embrace change or disorder in order to take you towards new ideas you wouldn’t have envisioned in comfort
    • you need help allowing more randomness, uncertainty, or variation (and opportunity) into your life
    • you don’t just want to keep going when tired, but improve in your methods as you keep going, thinking smarter under pressure

    Mind Management (Stress Management Coach, Anger Management Coach, Social Anxiety Coach, ADHD Coach…)

    There’s many times in life we may feel overwhelmed in our mind or in social situations, and this is where specific mind management coaches come in.

    A stress management coach helps you find ways to deal with reactive stress better. Normally we react to stress due to fight or flight emotional tensions, but whilst there’s always potentially stressful situations around us (because our mind is wired for stress to protect us) a stress management coach will help you both understand what is triggering stress and to build tools towards managing that stress better, such as developing strategies to manage time or energy better, or to find ways to relax easier, to help relieve the stress so you can get on with your day easier. 

    An anger management coach will help clients who struggle to deal with their anger, or who find their anger builds up towards rage. Anger management differs to stress management in that there’s certain methods of coaching anger that differ and anger can lead towards people losing site of rational thought in anger episodes.

    Counseling should be sought first to understand where anger may be stemming from before coaching methods (to move forward) can be applied. 

    A social anxiety coach helps those who suffer from acute shyness and fear of social judgement. Coaching differs from counseling here in that social anxiety coaching focuses on building an action plan that will gradually help clients feel less anxious in different situations, with stage environments created to help clients slowly embrace change in manageable steps. 

    An ADHD coach specialises in helping those with ADHD live functional lives that they would find hard to do on their own, through providing motivation, methods, and education about how to deal with ADHD each day. (There’s also other coaches who specialise in various specific mental functioning difficulties such as autism or Asperger’s). 

    Stress Management Coaching is for you if…

    • you need a coach who will provide methods to cope with stress as it arises better
    • you want to be more  productive with your day
    • stress is getting to you and affecting your judgement
    • you need help learning not to react in a fight or flight response to external stresses
    • you find your work, other people, or even little things are always stressing you out

    Anger Management Coaching is for you if…

    • you know you have anger issues and are prepared to change that
    • your anger is targeted towards a particular area of your life and you need coping methods to help counteract it
    • you need to be consciously aware of which type of anger is festering and to also diffuse it when you see it rise
    • you need access to methods to help you deal with anger in the moment, and not afterwards
    • you need a focus to direct your anger out healthily rather than towards someone else or to yourself

    Social Anxiety Coaching is for you if…

    • your self-confidence is affected because you aren’t able to feel socially accepted
    • you have social anxiety and shy away from social interactions as a result
    • you find your career progression is stalled because you lack social skills
    • you are very self-conscious of what other people may think of you
    • you need a coach that will help you overcome your anxieties in a safe gradual way, but which leads to eventual social independence

    ADHD Coaching is for you if…

    • you have ADHD and need help in developing a method that will allow you to focus more each day
    • you have a family member who could benefit from an ADHD coach
    • you need strategies for different situations such as dealing with ADHD at home or at work
    • you don’t want ADHD to handicap your ability to build something in life
    • you need personalised guidance and methods to help you in your own unique ADHD circumstances

    Trauma (Grief Coach, End Of Life Coach, Trauma Recovery Coach, Addiction Recovery Coach)

    Sometimes life is hard and certain events can lead to trauma which a coach can help you recover from or live with easier.

    IMPORTANT: trauma-related mental health coaches will generally have to be certified in order to offer such advice. Counseling is always recommended first before any of these coaching types. 

    A trauma recovery coach helps people dealing with trauma, in the many forms trauma comes about. A trauma coach helps their clients take better care of themselves during a difficult time, not through diagnosing trauma but through working on an action plan to overcome it. Traumatic events often need counseling before trauma coaching, as trauma coaching is about the recovery phase, not the diagnosis or emotional digging that would be required before a trauma client is ready for coaching.

    Similarly, a grief coach helps those who are going through the stages of grief after losing a loved one, but does so in a way that helps them take actions that help them grow through loss. The aim is to help clients practically be able to get on with living again, although a grief counselor is often needed too in order to process unresolved emotions that inevitably arise when someone you love dies. 

    An end of life coach helps people deal with the inevitableness of death. Whether this be a person aging and coming to the end of their natural lifespan, or the relatives of that person grieving, or the sudden loss of someone close, an end of life coach is an expert in helping people be comforted and ready for this difficult inevitability. 

    Other forms of trauma recovery include the addiction recovery coach who helps people who have an addiction, or an addictive personality. This could be from alcohol, drugs, sex, certain unhealthy foods, even exercise. An addictions coach will provide motivation and use certain training methods to help their client overcome their addiction, often working on cognitive psychology to develop critical problem-solving techniques and ethical responses that help their client take ownership.  communication skills that will help them address their addictions easier. 

    Trauma Recovery Coaching is for you if…

    • you have suffered from a traumatic experience and need a guide to help you recover
    • you need to build resilience in yourself again and trust in others
    • you have unresolved childhood trauma or PTSD that is affecting your daily life
    • you need a coach to help you communicate productively about your experience rather than hide away from it so you can start overcoming or managing it more effectively
    • you need persistent motivation to push past the traumatic event so you can live freely in your mind again

    Grief Coaching is for you if…

    • you have lost a love one and don’t know how to actively grieve or find yourself falling into depression
    • you need a coach that will get you looking at life as a celebration and to be able to talk about hard facts of life in a productive way
    • you need support in going through the different stages of grief
    • you need help looking forward rather than being stuck in a cycle of looking back
    • you need a coach who can understand the impact of loss in many areas of life that you are going through

    End Of Life Coaching is for you if…

    • you are struggling to cope with the approaching death of a loved one
    • you are aging to a natural old age and need help coming to terms with aging
    • you want to be prepared for the worst, with mental preparation, acceptance, as well as will planning
    • you need advise on treatment options for loved ones reaching this stage of life
    • you want to consciously focus on what is the most important way to live your last months/year and to make a positive impact
    • you want to not fear death but embrace it through a celebration of life and a wake up call to live the best while you can

    Addiction Recovery Coaching is for you if…

    • you are addicted to a substance or a crutch that you unhealthily rely on
    • you have an addictive personality and need help channeling your mind to prevent becoming addicted to something
    • you will likely benefit from having varied stimulus coaching to help your mind avoid zoning-in on one particular coping method
    • you need encouragement and help to believe in your ability to overcome an addiction and then build a better life
    • you need a recovery plan that you can follow

    Other Mental Health Coaching (Eating Disorder Coach, Fertility Coach…)

    There’s many other forms of mental health coaching available for specific mental health needs. Here’s a couple of examples.

    An eating disorder coach helps people with various eating disorders, which could range from only being able to eat a very small amount of foods, to certain food anxiety, or to comfort eating that leads to obesity and/or depression. 

    Pregnancy and IVF coaches focus on helping people with fertility issues or concerns. An IVF coach helps a person deal with infertility, or helps change lifestyle habits to aid fertility. A pregnancy coach helps women cope with all aspects of pregnancy in what is a very changeable time for the mind and body, and helps ensure the pregnancy can go as smoothly as possible. 

    Eating Disorder Coaching is for you if…

    • you have an unhealthy diet or are addicted to junk foods
    • you need a coach to set up a healthy nutrition plan you wouldn’t follow on your own, giving you accountability and support
    • your food habits are making you depressed or lethargic
    • you can only eat certain foods or find the thought of eating something makes you feel sick or fearful
    • you need support in such disorders such as Bulimia, Anorexia, or clinical obesity 

    Pregnancy Coaching is for you if…

    • you are pregnant and need a coach to aid the process, helping you understand what to expect and deal with at each stage
    • you (or your partner) are trying to get pregnant and want assistance in giving you the best possible chance of fertility
    • you need an expert in prenatal health & fitness, childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, child products, and child development awareness

    IVF Coaching is for you if…

    • you are having fertility issues and need coaching support to help in lifestyle changes, such as diet and stress management
    • you need coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques to deal with the stress and anxiety of infertility
    • you need a coach you will inform you about certain medications and injections


    Wealth coaching helps people build their wealth and lead them towards financial independence, financial balance, and an understanding of the psychology of ‘wealth survival’ and fears that can hold people back.


    A wealth coach will help you manage the financial side of your life better. If we consider what is one of people’s biggest worries in life, it’s the fear of not having enough money.

    A wealth coach will help clients manage these fears, as well as help them set budgets, invest wisely, and spend and save smartly. They will help clients be more resourceful and mindful about their spending and saving. 

    Wealth Coaching

    A wealth coach will help you save, invest, and envision ways to create more wealth, but wealth coaching isn’t about material possessions, there’s much more psychology to it!


    At some point in our lives, nearly all of us have had some fear or issue with how to manage money. Life throws challenges whether it’s working out how to live well-off with less, or how to manage large assets more effectively. 

    We may find a wealth coach useful when we need to learn how to save up for deposits, curb rash spending habits, or recognise ways to earn more money. Money management is important for businesses too as they will be able to make wiser business choices with a good financial adviser on hand. 


    There are various types of wealth coaching niches that bring expertise into a particular area of wealth focus. Find the best niche and personal fit for you (select to open):

    Wealth Coach (Financial Advisor)

    A wealth coach is a financial advisor (or consultant) who helps clients find the best way to resolve financial issues such as how to invest, budget, create a financial plan, and create wealth. Money management is a large part of successful long-term wealth. 

    A wealth coach may focus on plans and budgets, but they also have a general understanding of the psychology of wealth, the mental blocks people have, the mindset and skills needed to attract wealth, and how to manage or recover from debt. 

    Wealth Coaching is for you if…

    • you need help organising your personal wealth
    • you find you aren’t creating much wealth
    • you are spending recklessly
    • you are only thinking of the now or instant gratification, and not the future
    • you don’t value wealth creation as an important part of life
    • you need personal help with financial education
    • you think you are too old or too poor to start
    • you need to manage money in business or for large or complex expenses
    • you want a general understanding of building and maintaining wealth

    Wealth Health (Wealth Acceptance Coach, Wealth Freedom Coach, Wealth Philanthropy Coach)

    Whilst many people aspire to wealth make their lives better, an unhealthy relationship with money can lead to unhappiness and trouble in life no matter how much you earn.

    A wealth acceptance coach is an expert in wealth psychology and helping clients accept money into their lives, helping them believe they are worthy of having more money, and overcome those mental barriers, fears, and self-sabotage that stop people from allowing themselves to create money. 

    There are (surprisingly) many people who have a poor relationship with money, often because they don’t allow themselves to earn enough as subconsciously they don’t value themselves or think it means they will become a status-driven and selfish person.

    A wealth acceptance coach helps teach these people that building wealth can have a much more positive and ethical impact on your life, and the lives of others around you, leading to the likes of ecopreneurship. Clients learn to overcome their negative money blocks, from realising where they came from to demonstrating how they are often misaligned to the truth, to essentially allow clients to open up to wealth creation and to do more good with their wealth.

    There’s also a growing amount of people with built-up wealth (retiring etc) who want to direct that wealth into more purposeful or humanitarian-led avenues but often don’t know how, so a wealth philanthropy coach can help them make better use of their wealth, through distributing it into avenues that need it more, or through helping their clients find more purpose-led pursuits to follow.

    People are learning that there’s more to life than just a load of wealth, so wealth philanthropy coaches help bring about abundance to their clients by helping them give back and get involved in more meaningful enterprises. More businesses are leading towards this value-first approach to spreading wealth too, as the importance of human-centered value and social responsibility grows, so businesses need to be ethical, eco, and value-focused with consumers becoming savvier, more health-conscious, and good-orientated. 

    Similarly, a wealth freedom coach helps clients stop ‘chasing’ wealth (i.e. thinking more wealth will automatically lead to more freedom), and instead teaches clients about how freedom lies in the mindset, not in the amount.

    The importance of a wealth freedom coach is not to distract clients from creating wealth, but to align their ethics towards building wealth that really matters to our health and society. They teach clients that wealth freedom isn’t about just having more stuff, and that you don’t need to compete with others to feel wealthier (leading to bad financial decisions or using money for unhealthy instant gratification).

    A wealth freedom coach instead trains clients to become more financially independent or self-sufficient through building good financial habits and goal awareness for the future, that lead towards resourcefulness, opportunity creation, or entrepreneurial pursuits that create more abundance and purpose, freeing clients from the rat race mentality as they work on the power of less, not more. 

    Wealth Acceptance Coaching is right for you if…

    • you have a negative relationship with money
    • you live under your potential because of a fear of wealth creation
    • you don’t see how wealth creation is more than just financial assets
    • you don’t create any wealth and only stick to a job for the sake of just paying the bills
    • you want a coach to help you look at wealth in a positive way that can benefit society
    • you don’t understand wealth psychology or how you might be sabotaging your own wealth, health and future
    • you need a coach to help drill in the importance of wealth as each day you find yourself blocking it
    • you may feel it’s too late to make wealth now as you missed out on opportunity before, so have given up

    Wealth Philanthropy Coaching is for you if…

    • you are seeking avenues to distribute your wealth into
    • you already have wealth but want to create more value or purpose with the wealth you have
    • you need help ensuring your wealth is put to good use
    • you want to find other ventures to get involved in that can both create wealth and lead towards human-led value

    Wealth Freedom Coaching is for you if…

    • you are stuck in the status game of chasing more wealth, thinking it will bring or buy freedom
    • you have an imbalance in life where money tends to rule your mind and level of happiness
    • money is the only thing you think about each day to the point of obsession
    • you struggle to create your own wealth, and instead seek to extract existing wealth
    • your mind is not very resourceful and you can’t see the freedom in living with less
    • you get stuck in a ‘job for wealth’ mindset rather than see more effective ways
    • you want to build financial independence in a healthy way

    Wealth Creation (Wealth Creation Coach, Investment Coach)

    These coaches are perfect for when your focus is looking forward to creating wealth.

    A wealth creation coach (wealth abundance coach / wealth prosperity coach) can work alongside wealth acceptance to first help clients overcome the money blocks and limiting beliefs that their client may have (and that may stop them from seeing the many different avenues to wealth creation), but with more focus on the actual steps towards wealth creation and abundance. 

    A wealth creation coach helps clients create wealth beyond sticking to a steady job. They help their clients visualise having more wealth and visualise what they would be able to do better in their life with more wealth (not just for their own comfort but in terms of ethical and productive value creation). They also help clients grasp the concept of ‘time is money’ so their clients focus on money creation actions rather than waste time building something that doesn’t lead towards a desired reward.

    Clients learn to delegate, build leverage, and create a positive impact, as well as focus on attracting abundance and coming up with many practical actionable ways to start creating more wealth today. A wealth abundance coach will help clients understand wealth psychology, value-creation, and building the bridges that sees money grow money.

    When comfortable creating wealth, but then unsure about where better to grow your wealth, an investment coach helps you identify your investment philosophy, create a strategy, and provide motivation and accountability towards building your portfolio.

    An investment coach will teach you how to ‘grow your own lemon tree’ rather than just trying to sell you lemonade. They will help you identify assets, build assets, and grow assets, as well as help you understand when to let certain assets go and seek new ones, or how to diversify effectively. They will teach you the ins and outs of investing responsibly and prepare you for making sound investment decisions of your own. 

    Wealth Abundance/Creation Coaching is for you if…

    • you struggle to create wealth and limit yourself to boundaries
    • you don’t know how to visualise and attract more wealth into your life
    • you need a plan of action to make wealth grow in abundance over time
    • you have an entrepreneurial mind waiting to get out
    • you want to create wealth ethically that adds value to others and attracts back to you as a result
    • you want to understand the psychology of wealth
    • you find you waste too much time not making money work for you
    • you may feel it’s too late to make wealth now as you missed out on opportunity before
    • you want to learn how to leverage assets and spot opportunities for wealth creation

    Investment Coaching is for you if…

    • you have no or few assets and need a coach to help you learn how to build assets
    • you have no or little income and fear tumbling into more debt
    • you need help understanding the many different types of investment opportunities
    • you need to envision creating wealth through investments rather than through a job (or in combination)
    • you need a coach who will help you set up a strategy, motivate you, and hold you accountable

    Wealth Struggles (Budget Coach, Debt/Recovery Coach)

    When you are under financial strain then one of these coaches can help you look forward at your finances better.

    A budget coach will help you budget your finances more effectively. They will help you be more resourceful with your spending and saving, as well as give tips on how to become self-sufficient.

    The aim is to spend less than you earn, and if you aren’t earning much then to envision ways of increasing that income, without increasing the expenses. It’s not about upgrading your life to expenses you don’t need, and instead a budget coach will help you see value and ethics in spending less, whether for your personal wealth or for your business. 

    A debt management or recovery coach helps clients deal with debts they have and/or recover from financial difficulty or ruin. Often financial hardship comes from unexpected events or through a fear of wealth creation or wealth acceptance. We may all say we want more wealth (and many hope to win big on the lottery) but much less practice what they preach in terms of actively seeking ways to create more wealth, usually because of a block or lack of know-how. 

    A debt/recovery coach is also an expert in wealth psychology and what it takes to overcome those mental barriers to get on top of debt or to recover from financial hardship. Part of that is building wealth abundance too, but the debt recovery coach will first address the financial blocks but then help you focus on the practical steps of debt management and learning to consolidate debt, pay off debts like credit cards and student loans, get out of debt, and build wealth. 

    Budget Coaching is for you if…

    • you struggle to keep to a monthly budget
    • you never set yourself spending budgets and just spend without thinking
    • you want to become more resourceful in life
    • you want to reduce your carbon footprint
    • you want to become self-sufficient (or even financially independent)
    • you are saving for big expenses or future expenses like kids
    • you need help putting a budget plan in place and sticking to it

    Debt Recovery Coaching is for you if…

    • you are in debt and struggling to get out of it
    • you have no or little income and fear tumbling into more debt
    • you need help being more resourceful and savvy in your spending
    • you need help creating a debt management plan and in consolidating debt
    • you don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed or stressed by debt
    • you need a coach who will understand your needs and step you through the recovery process


    Relationship coaching covers all aspects of our relationships with different people in our lives, from couple coaching to becoming aging parents. 


    A relationship coach supports individuals and couples in learning vital skills for relating in all kinds of different relationships. 

    A relationship coach will help you develop the practical skills and dynamics you may need for conflict resolution or deeper intimate relationships. They will help you communicate better and help you to understand other people’s mindsets and needs easier too. 

    Relationship Coaching

    A relationship coach can help you resolve conflicts, improve communication skills, and maintain your different relationships


    We are social beings and we will all have very different relationships with different people in our life. We might find we are comfortable in our intimate relationship but maybe find it hard to communicate with teenagers, or maybe we are struggling in the dating world, but are okay in business-speak. 

    Beyond resolving conflicts or confidence issues, relationship coaching can help you develop more rounded out-the-box skills in life, as you don’t fear different communicative situations.  


    There are numerous types of relationship coaching niches and to get the best out of a relationship coach you should find the best niche personal fit relationship coach for you (select to open):

    Relationship Coach

    A relationship coach helps people improve their relationships in all aspects of their life, from your family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. A relationship coach helps relationships grow in self-awareness and trust, and in tools to help relationships mend or overcome friction, and show care for one another’s needs. Relationship coaching is the broad general coach that covers many different niches of relationship coaching as shown below.

    Relationship Coaching is right for you if…

    • you are having difficulties in a particular relationship you want to improve
    • you find it hard to emphasise or relate to other people, or don’t know how to express your feelings
    • you’ve lost trust or love for someone you did care about
    • you don’t understand the changing dynamics of a relationship you had (like a friend who has moved on)
    • you are in conflict with a family member, colleague, or stranger and need it resolving

    Partners (Couples Coach, LDR Coach, Mixed-Couples Coach, Marriage Coach)

    A couples coach helps new or long-term couples deal with different issues that may arise as couples, and get better at being a couple. It’s not couple’s counseling or exploring emotional difficulties in a couple, but more about practical steps and solutions; a toolkit couples can use to navigate issues and grow the foundations of their relationship, reaching goals together.

    For more niched relationship circumstances you can see a long-distance relationship coach (LDR) who specialises in helping couples who are trying to maintain a long-distance relationship, whether it be work, family, or visas keeping them physically apart. There’s also a mixed-couples cultural coach who helps people deal with a relationship that has different cultural or logistical aspects to it which are unique to mixed-couples relationships. 

    Taking this further, you also have a marriage coach (when married), who helps you set goals and overcome challenges in your marriage. It’s similar to couples coaching but a marriage can bring other challenges to consider. Marriage coaching leads coachees to take an active part in setting goals towards creating a better marriage together (only when something isn’t coachable is marriage counseling then recommended).

    Couples Coaching is right for you if…

    • you are in a new relationship and need advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship with another person
    • you want to find more quality time and energy to build your relationship stronger
    • you need help in dealing with long-term couple goals or challenges
    • you aren’t sure how to balance life whilst being in a couple
    • you have challenges resulting from being in a couple, such as long-distance relationships or keeping in-laws happy

    Long Distance Relationship Coaching is for you if…

    • you are in a long-distance relationship
    • you are wondering how to keep a long distance relationship working in the long-run
    • you aren’t sure in how to deal with visa aspects that are keeping you apart
    • you are lonely and aren’t sure how to deal with the lack of physical intimacy
    • you need tactics in making the distance feel closer and easier

    Mixed-Couples Cultural Coaching is for you if…

    • you are in a relationship with someone from a different culture
    • you find you have different personal, societal, or family expectations because of it
    • you are figuring out how to deal with living across different cultures or time zones
    • you are on the receiving end of racial abuse from outsiders and want to know how to manage it
    • you need help making long term plans with someone from a different cultural background or geographical region

    Marriage Coaching is for you if…

    • you are in a marriage and need help in setting long-term goals that will build longevity
    • you are in a new marriage and suddenly feel your freedom is trapped and want to know how to deal with it
    • you are preparing for marriage and want help in getting your relationship ready for marriage
    • you are in a long marriage and are losing the spark or need to understand changes in one another
    • you need a coach that will help you move from where you are to where you want to be in your marriage

    Family (Family Coach, Parenting Coach, Children’s Coach)

    A family coach helps families through their development, from a newborn child to elder family life when kids have left the nest, to dealing with aging parents. Family is one of the most important and core parts of anyone’s life, so it pays to keep working on family challenges that arise. 

    A parenting coach helps parents be better and more balanced in fulfilling parenting duties whilst managing other life commitments. Kids can take up all your energy and time, especially when inexperienced new parents, so a parenting coach provides tools, ideas, and support to help parents through challenges and set parenting goals. Parenting is one of life’s greatest but challenging journey’s, so it pays to have some help along the way.

    A children’s coach teaches children to develop confidence, determination, and emotional strength, and can often come as part of family coaching.

    Family Coaching is right for you if…

    • you are finding it a challenge as a parent to deal with changes in your children
    • you need someone who can help you and your family connect and understand each other’s differences better
    • you struggle with balancing family time and work
    • you need help in setting family rules and boundaries
    • you want to help develop your children’s confidence and skills in family settings

    Parenting Coaching is for you if…

    • you are a new parent and are inexperienced in balancing kids’ needs and your own
    • you are unsure of your changing roles and identity over the course of parenting different ages
    • you have elder children and feel lost after they have left home, and aren’t sure what to do
    • you want to find more time for yourself and aren’t sure where to find it
    • you need help identifying the strengths in your family

    Relationship Challenges (Divorce Coach, Breakup Coach, Conflict Coach, Aging Coach)

    For specific relationship challenges you may seek out a specialist coach.

    A divorce coach helps people going through a divorce, whether it be the ones divorcing or those affected by it, like children. A divorce coach will mentor you along the separation journey and provide practical tools to make it easier to cope with.

    A breakup coach is an expert in helping those who have recently broken up and are struggling to focus in daily life or get over their breakup. A breakup coach will help you get your mojo back. 

    A conflict coach is an expert in conflict resolution, whether it be in a personal resolution, with strangers, or with work colleagues. A conflict coach helps people in conflicts resolve their conflict, by helping them each understand the other’s viewpoint and the source of the conflict. 

    An aging coach is an expert in helping relationships where there’s an aging participant. If we consider how the last stage of human development is about ‘integrity or despair’, there’s often people who grow old and become miserable in their reflection in life, plus as parents age there’s issues in ensuring they are cared for properly. An aging coach can come in and help people in these scenarios. 

    Divorce Coaching is for you if…

    • you have recently divorced or separated and feel lost on your own
    • you have children who are affected by a divorce and they too need guidance and tools to cope with this huge change in their life
    • you need help with the legal process
    • you need help redefining who you are and moving on to a new life after divorce
    • you want to be able to communicate amicably with your ex and ensure no one is unnecessarily hurt in the process

    Breakup Coaching is for you if…

    • you have recently broken up with a partner
    • you are stuck in a relationship or marriage that is on the brink
    • you need help getting your mojo back to focus on life again
    • you can’t stop thinking about your ex
    • you want to fix or mend a broken relationship

    Conflict Coaching is for you if…

    • you have a conflict or an unhealthy hatred of someone and it’s affecting your daily life
    • you find yourself being too confrontational with others
    • you blame everyone for everything and don’t seek to resolve conflicts unless you ‘win’ them
    • you can’t resolve a conflict on your own and you need a mediator to help you both see reason
    • you have routine arguments with your partner and you don’t know how to improve or move past them, and need tools to help you

    Aging Coaching is for you if…

    • you are aging yourself and are concerned with the legacy you may leave behind
    • you have a resentment to a family member as you age (or who is aging)
    • you have an aging parent who needs assistance and care at an old age where they can’t live alone 
    • you don’t know how to afford or manage the care your aging parent needs
    • you are worried about life after your parents may be gone

    Relationship Connections (Dating Coach, Intimacy Coach, Sex Coach)

    There’s specific types of coaches who can help you develop different relationship connections.

    A dating coach helps people who struggle to find connections through dating or who may have confidence issues when it comes to finding a potential partner. A dating coach will provide motivation and education in how to find a good potential partner. 

    An intimacy coach helps people feel more intimate with their partner, from being safer, closer or more connected. 

    A sex coach will help you deal with elements around sexual relationships. This could be about performance anxiety, sexual health, or a lack of (or too much) sex drive or intimacy.

    Dating Coaching is right for you if…

    • you often find yourself single and don’t now how to meet people
    • you are single but would prefer to be with a partner
    • you have low confidence when speaking to strangers or people of the opposite sex
    • you need a push towards dating as you find you take the easy road and stay at home instead
    • you need help in the online dating or real life dating world

    Intimacy Coaching is for you if…

    • you have anxiety when you get close to someone
    • you find you don’t receive affection or compliments well
    • you aren’t sure in how to take your relationship to an intimate stage
    • your relationships intimacy has fizzled out

    Sex Coaching is for you if…

    • you are in a relationship and have issues in your sexual life together
    • you don’t feel desirable anymore and need confidence in your body
    • you want to know more about the anatomy and the importance behind your sexual health
    • you can’t get over traumatic experiences (a counselor may be needed here)
    • you want more spice in your relationship or want to last longer
    • you have a addiction to sex

    So What Next?

    In this ultimate guide to forward-thinking coaching for a changing 21st-century world, we will explore what coaching is, whether you will benefit from getting coaching, what makes a good coach in today’s modern tech-led world, what the future of coaching may look like, and whether you have the right stuff to be a good coach yourself, but first we start with our forward-thinking approach to coaching.

    The Envisionary helps individuals and teams ‘get out the box’ each day to ‘create change’ so people can build the skills that will help them craft purposeful lives that have a positive impact on the wo